For companies and employers has been specialized in searching and recruiting Java and IT experts (e.g. software developers, testing specialists, project managers, system supervisors and leaders etc.) since the tasks usually cannot be split or separated thoroughly. Thus, it also implies joint technologies or other IT tasks, not exclusively Java, however our „flagship” service and our utmost strength proves to be the Java and its co-related areas.

For accomplishing our business orders we tend to apply unique and irregular solutions and approaches, besides the traditional ones. Following our mission and vision, our primary objective is to elaborate solutions which would fit your company, your goals and specialties also fulfill your orders and wishes for our mutual benefit. Get rid of turning to traditional solutions, only! Consult a specialist!

Provided we have managed to stir up your interest and we have not got in touch, yet, you are more than welcome, and ask for our offers or for a business appointment at one of our contact items. We are looking forward to getting to know corporate leaders, HR managers or other parties interested both from the international and the domestic business environment. Do not skip it! Do not miss this great opportunity!

It is claimed by many that spotting a great and loyal IT-expert is pretty difficult. We also witness the case that there are significantly numerous specialists who face hardships in finding their appropriate and ideal employers. We work for fostering these kind of meetings may happen and the parties interested may come together. The decision is yours.


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