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Career consultancy

(E.g. ’I’d like to get a pay-rise, yet I have no clue how to initiate it … Is it realistic the wage I earn? I feel to be under-paid for my skills and expertise’ .. a.s.o.). Most of the specialists face difficulties when they are supposed to asses their market-value and career options from the labour-market’s point of view, since they do not have to deal with these issues day-by-day. You would not even imagine how much improvement can be achieved on the long-term with a minimal effort in 95% of the cases. Provided you belong to those 5% of people who are aware of absolutely everything in the Java labour-market and world, and do possess the appropriate answers for all the hot issues, then our service of this kind is not really aimed at you.

If questions, queries arise in you from time to time concerning your career-plan, or you face a real decision-making and it would be helpful to think it over with a specialist not only alone through sleepless, contemplating nights, or if your project applications do not always end up as you would wish then you are the suitable subject for our service and let you have a try of our career consultancy. You will not be disappointed. (If you do so, or it will turn out that you might belong to those 5% of people then we are willing to offer a money-back guarantee of the consultancy fee). Basic level career consultancy is meant to be part of our cooperation provided for our specialists and contributing partners. The more personalized, customized career consultancy can be applied with a discount. Get in touch with us, and do not spoil any more time and money …


International career-building

Would it be worth trying to build career abroad, too? Could I be suitable to take part in international projects, as well? If not, how should I have to change to be eligible for it? How much could I earn with working abroad?.… Supposed these questions also interest you and you wish to find fair and objective answers for it, then turn to us as soon as possible …


Position, work, career … and opportunities far beyond

Avoid thinking in common panels. We provide various options for co-operation to help you make your dreams and ideas come true; particularly for those specialists whom we already know and who have proved and demonstrated their skills and competences (e.g.: performing own projects for involving investors, developing the Java community, establishing other cooperations, etc.). Were you to have any ideas, queries or suggestions in this matter, feel free to contact us.