Services for HR-managers and HR  business units


Along the recent years, our corporation has got in touch and it is still cherishing efficient co-operation with numerous Java and IT specialists. We have succeeded in establishing competitive solutions and services by mingling our own and our partners’ strengths and expertise in various fields, which result in providing significant value-added and cost-saving solutions for our business partners.

Our age and particularly the IT industrial-field demands constant innovation and development from its employees and contributors, furthermore the deeper and specialized know-how and experiences are getting appreciated and rated more. Therefore, we tend to develop and improve our services continuously, so as to meet the requirements of the industry as well as of our partners.



We have been specialized in recruting Java and IT-experts, leaders for the greater benefit and performance to be offered to you and to your business. Along the process of recruitment we tend to apply mostly those methods which are expected to provide the greatest returns and benefits, however in case of special needs, we are willing to utilize all the tools of recruiting from the simplier to the most complex ones, or to select only the most suitable applications fit for the purpose.

Following our mission, we tend to become not the largest but the best specialists of our field, to whom it is always rewarding and worth turning for advice during or before decision-making.  Along our prolonged activity performed in the Java-world, we have gained considerable amount of experiences in selecting and spotting the best candidates based on their skills, specializations, competences, features that enable us to find and transfer the best people for the most appropriate positions for the mutual long-term benefit and content of both the employer and the employee.

Within our business relationship we keep the doors also open for accomplishing specific individual or corporate HR demands, too, by joining to the already prevailing circle of external consultants for the sake of the more comprehensive ’coverage’ of professional areas of interest.


IT and Java managers selection and assessment consultancy

The selection of leaders working in the IT and Java field is a matter of trust and significant responsibility, as well, taken into account that the knowledge, preferences and future decisions of the concerning leader meant to be very essential when we refer not only to the costs, ROI but even to the market competitiveness and future of the company. According to our clients requirements, we can take part in the selection and decisioning process of in-company or foreign, outsider candidates, enabling you to consider the best choice available and help you in elaborating and compiling optional trainings, tasks for skills,- and competence-development. This service of ours from above, may be useful and rewarding, as well, in supervising and regularly or randomly assessing the performance of current and operative leaders, experts that we can perform individually or in cooperation with the interior corporate HR department, and supporting their work with our personal consultations. Would this service be interesting for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

For our present partners, we can offer this service for a favourable discount price.


Consultancy focusing on the setting-up and operation of Java and IT-experts’ module of motivation

There is a considerably harsh competition for the best experts, specialists on the Java and IT market. Losing a well-trained, experienced working specialist or his/her lack of motivation and zeal can cause significant material and professional consequences for any corporation. What are your guesses about the driving-force, major reasons of experienced specialist and key worker colleagues leaving the company? What are the reasons of well above-the-average fluctuation on Java-field workers, which could be acceptable by any IT company? According to our experiences, the typical motivating factors behind similar desicions in most cases could be handled pretty well with minor interventions and care. Warning! The emerging outcome of the investigation is generally pretty much astonishing and different from the one you would expect. If questions like the ones from above are current in your company, then we do welcome any of your queries in this matter that could be useful for you. Discounts eligible for our partners.


Anything you might need, though we have not put down here or thought of it so far…

We tend to create services that can produce added-value for you, however it may happen that we ’are not on the same page,’ namely you are thinking now about something we are not and you need it. Or maybe, we have considered it and are working on it, already, yet we have not made it public on this website. Please, feel free to share with us your ideas, inquiries supposed you see any field on which based on our competences you may find rewarding to cooperate with us.



Under this link, you can find the list/groups of Technologies that we have been facing or elaborating on along our previous tasks, projects, so far. However, the list is not complete, it is growing continuously, thus, had you any other queries or ideas they are more than welcome.