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The basic question with us is not whether you deal with Java or not, but rather what special field of interest you have and what you would like to cope with in the future.

We are perfectly aware of the fact that on Java filed everything correlates, thus we do not tend to focus exclusively and solely on Java and nothing else. All the same, we know that the IT-world is a permanently expanding and broadening dimension from where one can „stand out” and consequently be the most efficient only through specialization.

We have also realized that Java has gained significant role and room within the IT world through the recent years, and it is pretty much versatile and overstretching into various other fields with the side-technologies applied. Taken you have also chosen this field as your profession and career than it is for your best interest to get to know us, because a long-lasting and mutually rewarding business relationship may start its course of development.

Within the broad label of ’Java expert’, you might as well be a developer, a testing specialist, a project or unit leader, a company manager etc. and there are also numberless positions available within this structure. Moreover, it is not a negligible detail the stage of your career or life where you position yourself, and which can affect and determine your ideas and preferences.  

Specifically to this market, we tend to establish and elaborate a continuous and long-term relationship with the specialists, companies and the employers abroad and at home, as well. Consequently, we are deeply aware of the professional expectations and labor conditions of the given corporation and also of the outlook of their ideal IT-employee.

Did you know that in most cases the vacant positions have already been fulfilled well before any written advertisement or type of communications are being published?

Besides this, naturally we pay attention to any written or other forms of option and solutions, which may enable you to find the task(s) that is most suitable and rewarding to your life condition and expectation (and it implies not only the classical job or work positions on the long run).

Invest into your own Future! Provided we do not know each other yet, please, help us by getting in touch with us and register into our data-base. We pledge confidential data-handling at all time by all means, and we shall contact you only when there is a really interesting opportunity popping up for you.

Were we already in contact, we do hope you find our services helpful and useful for you.

We are continuously developing and improving our services and operations, surfing for new horizons and opportunities.

Would you encounter any options we have not taken into account or dealt with for the time being, or were you likely to finish a project within the next two-three months and you would be willing to swap and try out new positions and projects, please do not hesitate to contact us and give much more chances for yourself, too.  Obviously, if you bump into Profjava while looking for a new job then you are more than welcome.

Do not leave out a great opportunity!

In case of any queries, ideas you had, feel free to turn to us!


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