Services for IT managers and IT business units


Along the recent years, our corporation has got in touch and it is still cherishing efficient co-operation with numerous Java and IT specialists. We have succeeded in establishing competitive solutions and services by mingling our own and our partners’ strengths and expertise in various fields, which result in providing significant value-added and cost-saving solutions for our business partners.

Our age and particularly the IT industrial-field demands constant innovation and development from its employees and contributors, furthermore the deeper and specialized know-how and experiences are getting appreciated and rated more. Therefore, we tend to develop and improve our services continuously, so as to meet the requirements of the industry as well as of our partners.


Providing resources for Java-projects

Whenever it is necessary to set up or develop a project-line or a work-group, or even substituting a leaving employee, it may be of utmost importance to pick and find the most suitable specialists, colleagues who are available in the appropriate time and venue. This is not all the time an easy and simple task in the world of Java software-development. Thanks to our extensive relationships and array of tools in this matter, we provide efficient solutions for challenges of this kind. For further details, click here…



Java application-development

We can provide complex projects, software elements, fulfilling development tasks from project-planning to software development including full project operation in case of a demand. These types of services of ours refers primarily to major and medium-size business softwares, software-modules or professional applications, carried out both on international  and national outlook with task-performance either on the spot or through various telecommuting / teleworking, outsourcing solutions upon demand.



International Java sales and pre-sales

Within our international field of activities, we undertake the external, independent sales tasks of any high-standard, professional Java and IT solutions supplementing or even substituting the domestic sales of these. For further details, feel free to get in touch with us…



Independent professional consultancy and decision preparation

As a leader, you may have certainly encountered situation when you had to make a decision in a professional matter and there would have been useful and helpful to consult any outsider, independent expert at hand, who possesses the suitable professional outlook and deep insight upon the industry or the problem itself and with his/her objective advice and „outsider standpoint” can efficiently contribute to the most appropriate decision-making. Generally, this sort of professional co-operation can make for significant cost-saving and efficiency-boosting results, which besides the clear advantages from above, may also benefit the manager with strengthening his/her position in the company also cherishing his/her image and appreciation in front of the colleagues or superiors, as well. Following an appointment with us, our senior Java experts, who are among the best professionals in the country, stay ready at your service for 1-2 hour-long consultancy or even for long-term project-developing co-operation.



Optimizing software quality-assurance processes

In case of the ready-to-use softwares, it is very important that their functions perform properly and in high quality as desired by the users. Supposed you are dissatisfied with the quality of the software development, facing customer-complaints, or the process of development takes too much time and the testing-phase does not boost the product’s quality either, and it is even costly, then do not hesitate to turn to our experts. With our automatizing and testing solutions and extensive SDLC-experiences, we shall surely find the most suitable solution for you, which can sort out the emerging errors, sustaining the highest performance of software development productivity.



Telecommuting, outsourcing centre

As a leader, provided you have already thought of applying telecommuting or outsourcing for cost-saving reasons and you have not made any steps for it (or you have tried it with little success for any reason) then it is worth sharing a word with us on this option and about the best-practice opportunities within the IT-sector. We do have experiences and know-how, both domestically and internationally on managing the outsourcing, tele-working and remote software development jobs and tasks.



Business process optimization, external consultancy

In case you are not really satisfied with the performance and success of the business processes, then it is much advised to have a deeper insight into this segment before, throughout or even after the IT project. We are available at your service with a large array of experiences and methodology, revealing the possible problems and solutions in this respect.



Setting-up Hungarian affiliates of foreign corporations

Were you or your business affected in Java, IT or any HR field and thinking of expanding your activity and establishing an affiliate company in Hungary, we could provide you any help and service applying our local know-how and professional liaison concerning full-scale co-operation or part-task sharing. We are fully aware that this is a matter of trust. Based on your impressions so far, providing that you find it interesting and inspiring to work together with us, please do not hesitate to contact us and begin sharing your ideas or needs for a future cooperation.



Anything you might need, though we have not put down here or thought of it so far…

We tend to create services that can produce added-value for you, however it may happen that we ’are not on the same page,’ namely you are thinking now about something we are not and you need it. Or maybe, we have considered it and are working on it, already, yet we have not made it public on this website. Please, feel free to share with us your ideas, inquiries supposed you see any field on which based on our competences you may find rewarding to cooperate with us.



Under this link, you can find the list/groups of Technologies that we have been facing or elaborating on along our previous tasks, projects, so far. However, the list is not complete, it is growing continuously, thus, had you any other queries or ideas they are more than welcome.